mind */*/*/

mind */*/*/
I UK [maɪnd] / US noun
Word forms "mind":
singular mind plural minds
Your mind is like a container or area, with thoughts being stored there or going in and out. The memory of that day is still fresh in my mind. A few doubts remained at the back of my mind. Can't you get it into your head that I'm not interested? His head is filled with useless facts and figures. I've been searching my memory, but I still don't know who she is. Try to relax: empty your mind. I pushed/drove the thought out of my mind. It crossed her mind that he was lying. The idea never entered my head. The name was fixed/stuck in her mind. I have my suspicions, but I'm trying to keep an open mind. His mind is closed to any new ideas.  idea, intelligence, knowledge, opinion, understand
1) [countable/uncountable] the part of you that thinks, knows, remembers, and feels things

His mind was full of the things he had seen that day.

I need a walk to clear my mind.

in someone's mind:

You never know what's going on in her mind.

a) your attention or thoughts

Can you say that again? My mind was on something else.

keep your mind on something:

I can't keep my mind on work when it's so sunny outside.

b) your usual way of thinking

Ellen's husband has a very suspicious mind.

a) [singular] your intelligence and ability to understand things

a brilliant/keen mind

Her youngest child has a very enquiring mind (= is very interested in things and always asking questions).

My grandmother's mind is failing.

b) [countable] someone who is very intelligent

He is one of the finest minds in physics today.

be/go out of your mindinformal to be/become crazy or confused

You must be out of your mind to want to see him again.

be/go out of your mind with worry/jealousy/boredom etc:

I'll go out of my mind with boredom if I have to stay in this job.

be in two minds (about something) — to not be certain about something, or to have difficulty in making a decision

I'm in two minds about accepting the job.

be of one/be of the same mind (about) — to agree about someone or something

I think we're all of one mind about who to choose.

bring/callsomeone/something to mind — to remind you of someone or something; to remember something

This latest crisis brings to mind the events of last year.

I can't call his name to mind right now.

change your/someone's mind (about something) — to change your/someone else's decision or opinion

I've changed my mind. I don't want to go out.

What made you change your mind?

See if you can change his mind about coming with us.

come/spring to mind — if something comes to mind, suddenly you remember it or start to think about it

They asked for my comments, but nothing sprang to mind.

get someone/something out of your mind — to stop thinking about someone or something

She's never been able to get him out of her mind.

have a good mind to do something/have half a mind to do somethingspoken used for threatening to do something, when you probably will not do it

I've a good mind to tell your parents what you've done!

have someone/something in mind — to know the type of person or thing that you want for a particular purpose; to remember someone or something

What kind of house did you have in mind?

have someone/something in mind for:

What sort of person do you have in mind for the job?

Does everybody have the procedure firmly in mind?

have (it) in mind to do somethingformal to intend or want to do something

We had it in mind to take legal proceedings against them.

have/keep an open mind — to be willing to listen to other people's opinions about someone or something

I told the committee that I had an open mind on the matter.

keep someone in mind (for something) — to remember someone because they might be suitable for a particular situation, job etc in the future

Keep me in mind if you need some help.

a load/weight off someone's mindinformal something that someone no longer needs to worry about

Knowing that you'll be here to help is a load off my mind.

someone's mind is/goes blank — used for saying that someone is/becomes unable to remember or think anything

When he asked me for my number, my mind went completely blank.

put someone/something out of your mind — to try to forget about someone or something unpleasant, even if only for a short time

Just try to put the problem out of your mind.

put/set someone's mind at ease/at rest — to stop someone feeling worried

Your assurances have really put my mind at rest.

put/set/turn your mind to something — to decide to do something and try very hard to achieve it

You can do anything if you put your mind to it.

with someone/something in mind — while thinking about someone or something

We moved here with the children's schooling in mind.

This room was designed with Carol in mind.

With that in mind, let us turn to page 77.

bear I, close I, cross I, know I, piece I, right II, sight I, slip I, speak, stick I

II UK [maɪnd] / US verb
Word forms "mind":
present tense I/you/we/they mind he/she/it minds present participle minding past tense minded past participle minded
1) [intransitive/transitive, usually in negatives or questions] to feel annoyed, upset, or unhappy about something

I don't mind the heat (= the heat is not a problem to me).

I wouldn't have minded, but she didn't even call to cancel our date.

I wouldn't mind him staying if he helped around the house.

mind if:

Do you mind if we use my car tonight?

2) [transitive, always in imperative] British to take care or be careful about something

Mind the step (= do not fall over it).

mind (that):

Mind you don't spill that drink.

3) [transitive] British to look after someone or something for a short time

Could you mind the children for me for five minutes?

4) [transitive] American to obey someone, especially a parent or teacher

You'd better mind me, or you're going to your room!

do you mind?= if you don't mind spoken — used for getting someone's permission to do something. This can either be polite, impolite, or humorous. If someone says it in a loud way, they are showing that they are angry or annoyed

Do you mind?! I was sitting there!

If you don't mind, I'd rather we wait until tomorrow.

if you don't mind me/my saying so — a polite way of telling someone that you do not want your comments or advice to offend them

You were a bit rude, if you don't mind me saying so.

mind (out)British

spoken used for telling someone to be careful, especially when something dangerous is about to happen

Mind out! There's a car coming.

mind (you)spoken used for making something that you have already said less strong or less general

They provide a good service. Mind you, they charge enough for it.

Tom might be there, mind.


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